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Orlando Bortolami:
Every pizza and panisfizio tell my
love story with the raw ingredients


I carry my experiences and knowledge in my heart; my stuffings tell about my adventures around the world. The Mediterranean cuisine has become a guiding light in my life thanks to the numerous collaborations with Italian restaurants, some of which also Michelin star restaurants. Being part of a Michelin brigade, has enabled me to rediscover an attitude of mine and refine it.

During these collaborations I dealt with events both in Italy and abroad: from consulates to embassies, from universities to ministries, from companies to individsuals who tasted my idea of cuisine.


During my career I had the pleasure and good fortune of working with baking professionals who guided me and made me appreciate their world

I promote the respect for the raw ingredients, which I learnt from the producers directly, working on the field. I got involved and widened my knowledge in the sector as much as possible

As an example, for 12 months I attended study groups on the use of lactic bacteria stabilized in water, with constant bacteria load and then I brought this technique into my baking processes, later becoming a consultant in “white art” labs.


Today I can declare mine was a fruitful path, made of experiments, discoveries and goals achieved. One of these dates back to 2005, when I opened and ran the Mediterraneo restaurant, in Tamai di Bruignera (PN) for 15 years.

And it is thanks to this place of mine, that contained my whole philosophy, that 2014 was a year filled with satisfactions: I was awarded the “tre Spicchi” of Gambero Rossso to honor my gourmet pizza, deriving from long leavening doughs seasoned with biodynamic raw ingredients.

Thanks to study, research and passion for my work, I conceived and created various places with different formats, until I landed in Panisfizio, the maximum expression of my concept of exaltation of the raw ingredients. I chose to focus on pizza: this dish, accessible to anyone, best represents my philosophy and allows me to bring to everyone that fundamental awareness when we choose what to eat.

My luck? I haven’t worked a day in my life, since in my constant search for taste I have given joy and emotions to other people… and this is what makes me happy the most.