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our menù

A menu based on genuine ingredients, constantly evolving in respect of seasonality

In line with the Panisfizio philosophy, we propose a menu that constantly changes: we follow the seasonality of the raw ingredients. Each pizza also fully represents the traditions of each product that we choose to use in our recipes.

This is the reason why at Panisfizio you will find different types of Pizza Margherita, depending on the variety of tomatoes, fior di latte, ricotta, mozzarella and the pecularities of the single product.
On a closer look, the Queen of pizzas is also the most difficult to make: on the one hand it is the most demanded, on the other it is the most essential, and therefore, the one that more than any other can enhance baking and its ingredients. This is the reason why Pizza Margherita should always be proposed on a menu.

We will propose a basic menu, with pizzas from the tradition, with the aim of offering the aromas of the season. Panisfizio Menu will be a constant work in progress, the result of experimentation and evolution.

We will be on this journey together: from the foundation of tradition, we will lead you gradually into the heart of a real food experience of excellence.

Offering a sensory experience and thrilling the taste buds is the goal that our proposals and the curious combinations of our “innovative retro cuisine” will aim to achieve every day.

Each proposal will be accompanied by natural wines and beers respecting the tradition, the culture, the wisdom and the expression of the territories