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Panisfizio comes from the essence of the ingridients

A pizza is the result of a set of ingredients deriving from experiences, traditions, values and men. Our journey started with the desire of curating every single pizza as if it was the purest of the recipes. Our cuisine is good, genuine and accessible and our goal is to ensure the highest quality of each ingredient.

This is accompained by the desire to restore the old traditions, carefully selecting the raw ingredients and bringing only fresh and seasonal products to our tables. Our philosophy has its roots in the so-called Mediterranean “innovative retro-active cuisine”: we combine historical recipes of the culinary tradition with current knowledge and technologies, fully respecting the essence of the raw ingredients and the commitment of the producers.

Quality, Sustainibility, Ethics and Knowledge are therefore our founding values. Panisfizio bases its belief in the transformation of the raw ingredients through study and research on the the territory, in the respect of the environment and what is “ethically good”. All this comes form a solid product awareness.

There’s another element we can guarantee when you taste our expression of cuisine: the Succulence of our pizza. From the first bite you will be able to perceive all the meltiness of our highly digestible products.

This characteristic is the result of the technique we use for our doughs. Studies on mother yeast enabled us to understand that its essential nature comes from pure lactic bacteria. These probiotics, which are the basis of life, break down gluten and enhance the aromas of the wheat and flours we use. The result is a highly digestible product, characterized by lightness and cruchiness.

In supporting the quality inherent to the primary product, our concept combines food and wine matchings in the harmonization of taste to satisfy, as a real treat, the most attentive and demanding palate.

For this to happen we needed a place in line with our philosophy, a green, warm and bright place in the heart of Jesolo Lido. We therefore relied on Kama Michel Angela Prompavat, an interior designer specialized in the catering sector, capable of creating enveloping scenarios that taste like home. Between flowers and plants, bite after bite, you will perceive the harmony and balance inherent in little things.

At Panisfizio we embrace the simplicicy of small details which make the difference.